Mold Processing


        We have complete mold development, design and production capabilities, and can design and manufacture all kinds of precision metal molds, injection molds, fixtures and various mold parts processing for customers. The company is equipped with precision mold processing equipment and a complete management system. Before mold production, a detailed DFM plan evaluation and in-depth communication with customers will be conducted. Finally, mold trial, sample inspection, CPK confirmation, and sample signing will be carried out to ensure the mold and Quality of products.
      Commonly used mold materials are: Japan Datong/Sweden ASSAB SKD-61, DC-53, SKD-51, V1K1NG, 8407, ASP65, etc., and use vacuum heat treatment or cryogenic treatment according to the actual use environment and material characteristics. The mold base standards are FUTABA and LKM.
      We have several senior design engineers in the industry, who are good at mold design and development of all kinds of complex, high-precision injection parts, supplemented by years of familiarity and understanding of the characteristics of special engineering plastics, and mold flow analysis. It can transform customers' beautiful ideas into products through a rigorous mold design process to achieve mass production.
     Commonly used mold design software: AUTOCAD, PR0-E, UG, SOLIDWORKS
     Commonly used design assistant software: MOLD FLOW ANALYSIS (MOLDEX)

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